About the company

Internetica was established in 2007. We are a Google Partner and a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) - an international association  Our experts are regularly published in the media, which is well documented on our Facebook.

We work for your benefit. We provide marketing services characterized by high return on investment.

We strengthen the competitiveness of your company in the internet by:

  • positioning of websites,
  • sponsored links campaigns,
  • remarketing,
  • creation of professional websites and e-stores,
  • e-mail campaigns,
  • actions in social media,
  • word-of-mouth marketing,
  • analysis of traffic and conversion at the website.
  • Why are we special?

Why are we special?

  • Our Goal - we provide services in order to increase a high-quality traffic on your website which translates into enquiries;
  • Our People - they are the biggest asset of the company, therefore we seek the best specialists on the market to create our team.
  • Our Honesty - our slogan is "the most cost-effective solution for our clients"; if the ordered service proves ineffective, we will suggest a different one or cancel the deal;
  • Our Experience - we started in 2007 and since then we have worked with hundreds of clients and positioned thousands of websites.
  • Our Approach - we are experts in our field and we strive to always improve our general and industry knowledge, which increases the level of services we provide and allows us to follow the most current e-marketing trends;
  • Our Creativity - we never copy-paste solutions because in e-marketing only the original ideas are effective;
  • Our Innovation - we are strong believers in improvement; so we work hard on perfecting our offer, customer support, advice we give and the services we realize;
  • Our Performance - we strive to realize our obligations at the highest possible level and the shortest possible time.

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