E-mail campaigns are still an effective way to inform potential clients about products, services or promotions. To avoid sending messages considered as spam, the trade information should only be received who agreed to receive it (according to provisions of an Act dated 18 July 2002). It is worthwhile to know that sending unsolicited trade information to customers who gave no consent is qualified as an offence and an unfair competition act. An entrepreneur who committed such an offence may be held liable and spam penalties are harsh - reaching even up to 5000 PLN. The liable company is always the company that orders the emails to be sent and owns a database of illegal email addresses.

Obtaining consent for receiving trade information via email is tiresome and time-consuming but we can lend you a hand. We organize effective email campaigns in form of asking for consent for receiving trade information via email. In result we provide a complete database of companies (including their contact data) that are interested in your offer and agreed to receiving it. You pay only for the effect, i.e. the number of consents obtained. This allows you to use your time and money to pursue more valuable goals and, what is even more important, you will not break the law.