Google AdWords

Google AdWords
Imagine a Gmail user who, when communicating about buying a new laptop, sees an ad for your internet laptop store displayed just below the email window... We can do that... As a certified Google Partner we know the inner workings of the AdWords system. If your aim is high effectiveness, fast results and detailed reports on the performance of the advertisement activities, you should utilize the possibilities offered by sponsored links campaign (AdWords advertisements). The sponsored links appear in the search results after your client has entered defined words or phrases. The AdWords campaign is therefore the least invasive form of web-based context advertising and displays your offer to the clients who are interested in what your company offers. Furthermore, thanks to Google AdWords there is a possibility to broadcast the sponsored links in the Google ad networks, which includes thousands of websites, including the most popular web portals. This opens a completely new perspective on acquiring new clients.

Why should you entrust us with running an AdWords campaign?

  • You loose no time - you can focus on your business and not on intricate knowledge of AdWords
  • Profitability - the way in which a sponsored link campaign is realized impacts its price; our aim is to minimize the cost you pay whenever someone clicks on your link;
  • Concrete plan - the AdWords campaigns are realized according to a thoroughly thought-out strategy; we take into consideration your budget, the character of the offered products and services and the expectations of the target group; we determine the phrases that will trigger your AdWords advertisement;
  • Individual care - we provide advice and support, monitor the effects of your campaign and the clicks in your AdWords advertisements.
  • Broad range - sponsored link campaigns are realized not only in Google but also in or Netsprint (Wirtualna Polska); this makes your ads visible in the most important Polish search engines;
  • High competences - we have received AdWords Certified Partner certificate which proves our competences in realization of sponsored links campaigns.


Within the Google AdWords program, we also realize:

  • advertising undertakings on related websites; you create a list of web portals you are interested in and we fill them with your ads in form of sponsored boxes,
  • advertisement campaigns - we convince potential clients to return to your website.

Remember that:

  • you only pay for actual clicks on your ads and visits to your website and not for just displaying of AdWords adds,
  • the sponsored links campaign may be freely modified during its run - we can change the content of the advertising links, remove or add keywords or modify the campaign to meet your current budget.


A very popular and effective form of AdWords is remarketing. It allows for ads to "follow" every user which has previously visited the website of the advertiser.


Our Google Partner Certificate:;idtf=7655287858