Social Media Campaigns

Do you wish to build the value of your brand in the internet?

Build a society around it.

Social media are one of the most powerful marketing tools. When used properly, they help to create and maintain a strong image for the brand and the company, translating into increased sales. They serve as a valuable source of information on current and future clients, their expectations and requirements. They make it possible to observe trends and directions of the competition. Last but by no means least, social media campaigns do not require heavy financial investments for the company to increase its image and sales or to reach new clients who wish to identify with the brand. The success is born of a good idea, consistent realization, regular updates, ability to discuss and to befriend people (making them your fans) and first and foremost - drawing conclusions from the activities realized.

Your Company on Facebook

Managing a corporate profile on social media is a time-consuming endeavour that requires perseverance, technical knowledge and round-the-clock vigilance and thus our offer includes the following services:

  • creation and management of corporate fan pages,
  • realization of Facebook campaigns using the Facebook Ads tool, which effectively increases the reach of the fan page by increasing the number of fans ("likes"),
  • management of client communication via Facebook - regular posting, creation of virtual competitions or other attractive forms of promotion.

Social media campaigns are realized on basis of a well thought-out strategy, which guarantees meeting your business goals. We also put strong emphasis on:

  • monitoring of internet content - before we commence any activities, we have to know how is your company perceived, in order to decide what to focus on,
  • continuous analysis of opinions and posts - we are always there to counter negative opinions; a fast and proper reaction always increases the company's standing,
  • reliable assessment and optimization of activities - which facilitates selection of the most effective way to build your positive image and good client relations.