Traffic and conversion analysis

Traffic and conversion analysis - we care for the highest possible return on investment

Differentiated marketing and promotional activities, no matter the communication channel, are aimed at persuading clients to react in a certain way. If they do so, we reach the intended goal, which in case of a website is conversion - performing of a given action by a user. A good example of conversion is placing an item into a shopping cart in an e-store, booking a place in a hotel, filling in a contact form or visiting a given number of sub-sites or spending a given amount of time on your website. Everything depends on the goal that have been set.

Was the goal achieved? To answer this question necessary is a reliable analysis of traffic and conversion on your website. If this is done correctly and the conclusions are sound, it allows for such planning of e-marketing activities that will be most effective in case of your company.

We realize detailed traffic and conversion analyses and on this basis we plan further actions, ones characterized by maximal effectiveness. If you entrust us to realize e-marketing campaigns for you, you can be sure to receive valuable information covering not only the position of your website in Google or the number of clicks on a sponsored link but first and foremost the profitability of concrete activities.