Website Positioning

What is the difference between being the 10th or the 11th search result in the most popular search engine in Poland - Google? The number of offer questions. The first page of search results (positions 1-10) are seen by everybody and the second page of results is visited by only 5% of users*. The data clearly shows that the significant majority of internet users end their search at the first result page. Your clients are among them. We can help you reach them.

We will ensure high position of your company in internet search engines, which will translate into measurable results:

  • you will increase sales of your products and services,
  • you will reach those clients who need you,
  • you will strengthen the positive image of your company in the internet,
  • you will save money on other forms of advertising.


How do we do that?

The positive results of proper positioning of websites are visible no sooner than after a few weeks or months. Positioning is a process that requires planning and attention to detail. Both us and our clients are interested in long-lasting effects, therefore when selecting the proper positioning tools we choose the most effective ones that are also the safest. Thanks to this our results are more stable and positioning results are more durable.

You will always get professional advice. The success of positioning is dependent mostly on selection of appropriate phrases that will be used to promote your website - we suggest the most profitable keywords and we modify the offer to meet your budget.

An additional reason why you should choose us for positioning of your website is because you will pay only for the real results - if in a given month there is even a single day that your website is not on the determined positions, you will pay less. You are guaranteed a high position. If you are present on one of the more competitive markets, where competition is tight, check our Always Visible Package. It is a proven solution for clients with high requirements, that guarantees high visibility in Google via real-time positioning and AdWords campaign (sponsored links).

We also deal with positioning of websites intended for foreign clients. We will ensure high position of your company in foreign search engines such as:,,, and many more.


*According to a research realized by Chitika (USA) in May 2013 (Google search engine).


Basic information about positioning:

Our publication on proper selection of keywords in the Wirtualna Polska portal:,1009785,title,Uwazaj-na-slowa-czyli-jak-najlepiej-dobierac-frazy-w-SEO,wid,17231083,wiadomosc.html

General information on Search Engine Optimization: