Websites and e-stores

What makes a good website? The answer may be different depending on the expectations of the clients and the required features of the website.  What is constant is that every website needs to build positive image of the brand and the company and - which is especially important with e-stores - has to generate real profits. A good website is a powerful promotional tool, which helps in realizing the strategy and goals set by the company. 

Our offer is modified to meet your needs and budget.


  • you wish to become present in the internet without great financial investments and you do not plan to update your site every other day - choose a simple "business card" website (the main page and a few additional pages),
  • if you wish to update frequently, add a lot of content by yourself, add new sub-sites and change the existing ones - we will provide you with a user-friendly website that will be easy to edit and update - based on a CMS system (it allows the website to be edited and expanded by every employee of the company),
  • if you wish to effectively sell products and services using Internet - we will design and implement a professional e-store and will support you in selecting the best one out of the many available in the market.

Why choose us?

The price of a "business card", extended site or a e-store includes an annual fee for the internet domain and annual hosting of the site;
We create websites that are:

  • intuitive and functional which is of high importance for their users, i.e. your clients,
  • search-engine friendly (proper Search Engine Optimization), which greatly improves effectiveness of promotional activities and lower their costs,
  • original - we put strong emphasis on graphical projects, we create websites that meet the current standards and trends.

Some of our realization: