Word-of-mouth Marketing

WoM Marketing may be a significant factor in how your company and services are perceived. The clients are increasingly prone to make decisions not on basis of ads but on basis of opinions of others, who already used the same offer. Blogs, internet fora and specialized portals that allow for comments to be posted are an ideal platform for free exchange of information and therefore for creation of a given image of a company or a brand - positive or negative.  Do you know what they write about your company? Are opinions on your products positive? Or perhaps there are no opinions at all? This is a very important aspect; it is key to observe all the positive opinions and react quickly to undesired situations and to strengthen the positive reactions of recipients.

It is worth knowing that word-of-mouth marketing realized in the internet makes possible promoting a product or a brand in a better way than many ad campaigns and - what is also important - at much smaller financial cost.

The WoM activities offered by our company we offer:

  • selection of internet fora, blogs and portals that will be best suited for realization of the selected goals (e.g. certain target group that you wish to approach),  
  • we realize internet communication (blogs, fora, portals, etc.) with positive content - adequate comments related to your company, products and services.

All these activities are realized according to the ZMOT marketing theory (Zero Moment of Truth). This approach assumes that ads provide only a preliminary selection of a product or a company. After such preliminary exposure, there is a "zero moment of truth" which is a confrontation of the initial decision with the opinions of users who have made a similar choice in the past. Therefore ZMOT is the most important moment, when a client, after gathering all opinions available on the net, is able to strengthen his or hers decision or change it completely.